Are Testosterone Supplements Safe?

It’s a fact that once men reach the age of 30 the levels of testosterone start to drop in their bodies over the next two to three decades. This is part of the aging process that can lead to weight gain, less muscle tone and even indirectly increase the risk of heart attack and stroke due to gaining excess fat.

Men are faced with two basic approaches when it comes to increasing the levels of testosterone in their bodies. Either they can try to boost it naturally using exercise, eating a healthy diet and taking vitamins and minerals or they can try direct testosterone supplements to artificially boost the amount that is in their systems.

Over the years, many studies have been performed when it comes to using natural methods to increase the levels of testosterone in the body and the results are generally promising even if the actual boost in testosterone is rather small. One certain aspect of eating healthy, exercising and taking in the daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals is that this avenue is a safe one for most men to take.

When it comes to direct testosterone supplements however, are they really safe for men to take?

The Side Effects of Testosterone Supplements

When boosting levels of testosterone naturally in the body, there is no adverse reaction because the substance is generated by the body itself. However, when it comes in the form of testosterone supplements it will depend on the source and the reaction that the body has when exposed to this substance.

Studies have shown that men who cannot produce enough testosterone in their bodies, a condition known as hypogonadism, have been greatly helped by supplements of testosterone and for the most part there have been no adverse side effects. However, the studies of men who simply have a reduced level of testosterone taking supplements has been mixed.

There is evidence that testosterone boosters to men who have what is considered normal amounts in the body may produce side effects that include increased risk of heart attacks and even enlarged prostates which may lead to other complications. For men who have a family history of heart disease or prostate issues, taking direct supplements may not be the right answer.

Natural Testosterone Supplements

However, men who take supplements designed  to boost their own natural levels of testosterone have shown no appreciable side effects,  This means that supplements of vitamins or minerals up to recommended daily levels have enjoyed a smaller boost to their systems than a direct testosterone injection. Yet there are far less side effects and when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program can produce positive results. one of the best testosterone booster in 2015 is Spartagen XT.

Overall, unless a man is not producing what is considered normal amounts of testosterone in their bodies, using medically prescribed treatments of added testosterone is not necessary. However, natural supplements that help boost testosterone production can result in a positive effect.

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