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This is a relatively good testosterone booster that can help you raise your energy levels, reduce body fat and help build muscle mass much faster. The all-natural ingredients in this supplement are clinically proven to work. The pricing is very reasonable and you can try this product for 30-day risk-free.

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• 30-day risk-free trial available.
• All natural and clinically proven ingredients.


• It’s a subscription-based product.
• Low concentrations of active ingredients.

What is Testorush RX?

This product is a testosterone boosting supplement made from natural ingredients that are proven by lab-tested be effective with combating symptoms that are caused from having low levels of testosterone in men.

This supplement can help you reduce the recovery time after workouts, experience faster muscle growth, enhanced endurance and overall make you feel younger and more energized.

Although the product may take several weeks to fully start working and giving you all the benefits, within just few days of taking this supplement you will experience an accelerated metabolism, which will help you have more effective workout sessions and enjoy more rip muscles.



Huang Qi: Used a lot to prevent allergies and stimulates the immune system.

L-Arginine: Improves energy levels and increases production of HGH (human growth hormone).

Rou Gui: Regulates blood sugar levels and helps to reduce appetite.

Wu Wei Zi: Helps to increase energy, improve stamina, and stimulate the immune system.

Lentinula Edodes: Known primarily for boosting the immune system, regulating cholesterol levels, and as an anti-aging extract.

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract: A fungus extract that helps enhance athletic performance and reduce fatigue.

Damiana: A wild shrub used to increase sexual desire.

Maca Root: Used to combat chronic fatigue, improve stamina and increase athletic performance.

Cnidium Monnier: An exotic plant used for treating erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Ganoderma Lucidum: Helps to accelerate fat burning and regulate appetite.

Epimedium: Helps reduce physical fatigue and regulates blood pressure.

Tongkat Ali: Helps to treat erectile dysfunction, and increase athletic performance.

Side effects? No reported side effects.


How to Buy Testorush RX Today?

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Choose the package you wish to invest in.
  3. Simply enter your details, then hit “Order Now”.
  4. Enter your billing/credit information
  5. Fіnаlіzе your оrdеr.

You have 4 options if you want to invest in this supplement:

  • 1 bottle: $38.71.
  • 3 bottles: $79.94 ($26 per/bottle)
  • 5 bottles: $119.95. ($24 per/bottle)
  • 7 bottles: $159.95. ($23 per/bottle)

This is a subscription-type purchase, meaning you will continue paying every month until you decide to cancel. In order to cancel your auto-ship program, you’ll need to contact customer service at (800)839-6766.



In conclusion, Testorush RX is an effective testosterone booster. It can help to boost your energy levels, accelerate your muscle development and increase your libido. There are only a few clinical studies that verify the viability and efficacy of this product, but there are many customer reviews that claim it is very good and effective. Overall I would recommend giving this product a chance.

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