The Effects of Testosterone Pills

As men age, they gradually lose the amount of testosterone in their bodies. Over time, this loss may lead to the putting on of excess weight, a feeling of sluggishness and engaging in less activity. Even the libido may be affected because of the drop in testosterone levels.

Boosting testosterone back up to their more youthful levels may involve using natural methods of vitamin or mineral supplements along with exercise and eating right to help restore at least some of the testosterone production that was lost. However, some men are seeking a more direct approach with the use of testosterone pills, gels and injections to artificially boost the amount that is in their system.

The Advent of Testosterone Pills

Until a few years ago, most men arguably did not know about the natural drop in their testosterone levels and simply assumed that gaining weight, less energy and a lowering of the libido was a natural part of the aging process. However, thanks to a flood of commercials that have now educated men that their testosterone levels are now lower as they have gotten older, many have rushed to their doctors asking what can be done to reverse the process.

The result has been an increase in prescribing testosterone to men through the use of pills, gels and even injections so that they can be restored to their previous levels. However, is this a wise or safe course of action for men who simply want to recapture their youthful energy and vigor?

The Side Effects of Testosterone Pills

The research that had been done with men using testosterone boosting supplements was limited to those who had medical causes for low testosterone. The result was that these men who were afflicted actually enjoyed a higher libido, had more energy and managed to reduce their weight easier through exercise and eating healthy.

However, men who already had normal levels of testosterone for their age which was then boosted by the pills in some cases started suffering from side effects. One of the more interesting was that their bodies actually produced even less testosterone than before. However, this was minor compared to the increased risk of heart attacks, stroke and enlarge prostates that affected some of the men who underwent this type of treatment using testosterone pills.

Another factor was that a small number of men actually had allergic reactions to the testosterone that was life threatening. Although most men who did experience side effects were more along the lines of minor irritations, nausea, and the like. Over time, these side effects gradually disappeared as their bodies became use to the testosterone injections.

It must be noted that the use of natural supplements such as vitamin and mineral aids had basically no side effects when used in the recommended amounts. While they did not provide the boost that using testosterone pills, gels or injections created, they are considered much safer and they are effective as well.

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