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Ellis MateMeet Ellis Mate, a testosterone expert, bodybuilding enthusiast, personal trainer and the creator of this website.

EllisMate.com is not a testosterone shop, this site was made to share professional information with each other based on our own experiences with testosterone supplements.

We must share with each other our expiration, because that’s that only way to know if something is really good or not, that is why Ellis designed this site to be all about our opinion and not about a single review that is written a single opinion.

ELLISMATE.com was founded by in 2015 because it was about time someone started a network like this! People buy more stuff and services online with each passing year, and we all like to do some research before we invest our money, right?

Unfortunately the state of the internet today is such that most of the reviews you will find about anything when you look for them on Google are totally bias, but no more… because at EllisMate.com everyone have a voice and anyone can submit a review or their opinion about a product super easily and totally for free!

The majority of recommendations online are not based on how good the product or service is the the consumer, but on how much the person that writes the review can make out of this product.

Most reviews out there are written by people that never bought or use the product, and they don’t let anyone comment on their review, not even people who actually bought and tired the product can comment on the review offered, but not on ELLISMATE.com!

This is a Network based site, and if you want to contribute to the world with your knowledge please join us by writing for us and commenting on products you had experience with, if you want to write a review for us it’s super simple, all you have to do is contact us and we will explain you exactly what’s next!

If you don’t have any expertise that can help people, ever a simple share on the social network will help up grow, add more reviews and replace all the SCAM based review sites online that are out there right now.